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Access Networks is the premier enterprise-grade networking solutions provider for the CI channel. They design and maintain sophisticated network solutions based on a simple premise: keeping your clients connected. Their goal is for the network to operate so efficiently that they don’t even know it’s there. It is designed to be invisible, as it seamlessly supports the technology of their home.

AudioControl builds their world-class line multi-channel distribution amplifiers, small MusicCast and Sonos friendly 2-channel amps, theater amp and Dolby Atmos Preamp-processor just north of Seattle, near our office.  Along with their people, processes, proximity and products, we love how their line augments our other AV vendors.

Fortress builds premium theater seating.  Choose from their wide variety of styles and, if necessary, modify them to fit your room size and decor.  You can even work with your Interior Designer to fashion seats from scratch.  Fortress’ factory is in California where they welcome customer visits.  Local and nimble, the job is not done until you are completely satisfied.  Since 1957 Fortress continues to deliver product that stands the test of time.

Since 1958, Kinetics has been a recognized innovator and manufacturer of engineered products that address vibration, noise control, and acoustical performance.   Their noise control products keep the theater sound in the room and adjacent noise out.  Kinetics’ acoustical products meet the special requirements of home theaters, maximizing the performance, detail, and timing accuracy of your speaker system.

Lutron is the undisputed leader in the lighting control industry, offering a wide selection of energy saving dimmers, lighting control and shading solutions.  The power to transform any space with light is yours, at the touch of a button. Control the light and shade levels in a single room or throughout your whole home using a hand-held remote, wall-mounted keypad, tabletop control, and Apple or Android device.

Monitor Audio speakers represent the marriage of form and function.  Their combination of sonic performance and physical aesthetic separate them from the masses.  Plus, they offer multiple solutions that allow you to experience the passion of the performance without interfering with your room décor.  All of this is achieved with value in mind, but without ever compromising the integrity of the recording artist or movie director.

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The world’s largest TV manufacturer since 2006, Samsung holds a global market share of 20%.  More importantly to you, from The Frame TVs to QLED 8K and Samsung’s massive, 219” The Wall, Samsung continues to innovate with creative (and upscale) video solutions for your clients.  Their latest innovation is to add us, Market Share, as their NW representatives to assist in your Samsung success through knowledge.  

sonnen designs the smartest and safest residential battery systems that keep homes powered, day and night — even during power outages. With 50,000 cobalt-free batteries installed since 2010, sonnen is a global pioneer in energy storage technology. Each sonnen system comes with an unbeatable warranty and seamlessly integrates with solar for cleaner, healthier living. Learn more at

When speakers need to be heard but not seen, Stealth Acoustics is the answer.  While manufactured locally in Mt Vernon, Washington, Stealth is the global leader in “invisible speakers”.  They offer multiple models for background to full sound… and even outdoor, all-weather use.  While you’re outside, why not enjoy a “Patio Theater”?  Stealth supplies invisible surround-sound speaker systems, that augment their 103” to 155” diagonal screens.  These screens are stealthy as well, rising out of the ground when you want to enjoy an outdoor movie or sporting event.  Their super-bright LED screens look great in broad daylight or under the stars.

Yamaha’s heart and soul is in the music, and the technology to replicate it in your home.  The world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer and educator, they inspire us to participate.  A leader in professional equipment, Yamaha records those of us gifted enough to rise above a hobby.  We all benefit in our home from Yamaha’s unwavering standards as their receivers, soundbars, and speakers produce the natural sound of the live performance.

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