Established in 1977, Market Share represents the finest in Consumer Electronics products in the Pacific Northwest. We strive daily to solidify our position as a preeminent CE marketing company in the US. 


Core Values

These principles are non-negotiables at Market Share.  They guide our decisions, interactions, attitude and effort.  They are who we are, and how we achieve and define success. 


Our most important asset is our reputation – In all things we take the long-range view, and have done so for over 40 years.  This principle speaks to honesty and integrity.  It prioritizes relationships over a single deal, and establishes consistency of behavior.  Our steadfastness, in turn, fosters a trusting bond between Market Share and our dealer and vendor partners.

There is a better way to do everything – In this dynamic day and age, marketplace, and industry, change is required to stay ahead of trends.  At Market Share we pride ourselves on strategic thinking and creative solutions.  Outside the box is inside our fiber.  We consistently step back from the daily rush to create sustainable and innovative strategic initiatives, proven to drive sales.  Simplification is a key emphasis in this principle.

Optimism is contagious! – Attitude influences outcome.  At Market Share we believe in ourselves, our vendors and dealers, and the future!  We always believe a solution exists.  Dealers welcome our meetings and conversation, not only for the strategic content, but because they leave more enthused, optimistic and courageous. 

Elbow grease breaks ties – Everything else equal, work ethic wins jump balls.  Market Share is replete with hard-workers that enjoy winning.  Dealer and vendor partners acknowledge our heightened effort as a key differentiator for us in the marketplace.  (Important Note - While working hard matters, we make sure to infuse joy and humor into each day!)


Our line card provides us the opportunity to engage in meaningful business within many channels of the CE trade. Whether it be high-end specialty retail, custom installation, online marketing or mass market, we enjoy long-term relationships within each, and a deep understanding of their go-to-market strategy.  Through this understanding we are able to deliver efficient, creative sales strategies, helping both our vendor AND retail partners share success in the marketplace.  In short, we are a proven partner that helps drive sales!



Manufacturers benefit instantly from our long history and current relationships. Market Share is an experienced sales team with broad expertise in retail, wholesale and custom installation. When you consider working with Market Share, whether as a vendor or a retailer, you will find us fun, creative, efficient, and hardworking.  We offer marketing, sales and positioning concepts that will build your brand and help to create sales.



Market Share believes that having sales personnel readily available for product and sales support is key to our success. We maintain a fully staffed office in Mukilteo, WA, as well as highly specialized salespeople residing and operating out of Portland, OR, Boise, ID, and Gig Harbor, WA


Our vendors rely on us to provide quick and effective service to all of their customers in the region.  Whether it be help with a sales presentation or immediate processing of an order, Market Share’s customers KNOW we are always there to get the job done for them.


Market Share is enacting Factory:Local as the model for what we do in 2019 and forward. While we are far from perfect, I want to share what this means to our team, so you can lean in and grow with us…and hold us accountable. Our key initiative for 2019, Factory:Local is the model for our actions in support of you and your company, so actually living it to your benefit is what matters most.


Here’s how Factory:Local benefits you:

Specification – We are actively working with “Influencers” to raise the tide for you, our dealer. When these architects, designers and builders specify home technology, you are the recipient of an opportunity. While we work with these folks independently, it is even more effective in tandem with you.

System Design – It is not like you are incapable of designing systems, but sometimes it comes down to a one-off time crunch, or on occasion, the scope is such that a second set of eyes is beneficial. Regardless of why, we are here and equipped to help with design upon request and within reason. 

Sales – Even high powered and top-tier dealers bring us in on occasion to assist in sales with contractors and/or end-users. In this sales scenario we are the vendor, available on your behalf for technical support at the table. Market Share is a team of quality sales people with the emotional intelligence to know when to interject and when to sit silent.  You lead, we support.

Training – Market Share is also replete with quality trainers. After 2008 caused training team cutbacks at the vendor level, many were never been fully replaced. The reality was, even prior to the crash, vendor-level training content was generalized to fit dealers of varied experience across the country. We know you and your capabilities, which allows for localized tailoring of training that better fits your team’s needs.

Tech Support – Our cell and office phones are your quick tech answers. While we can’t solve them all immediately, and each of us has our area of expertise, we can answer many… and quickly… because we know you and, quite possibly, the specific job. We don’t need to ask needless questions off a canned script.

Business Consultation – Within our team we’ve run businesses, served as national and regional sales managers, owned stores and businesses, managed CI teams within larger firms, managed multiple stores at one time, and driven large sales teams. Equipped with these experiences, we love to advise and share our business acumen. Our success is hitched to your success… and success is frequently tied closer to culture and effective management skills, sales and marketing, organizational structure, and processes, than the products you sell!




Craig Face


At Market Share since 2007, Craig moved from partner to principal following Teresa Gallo’s retirement in 2014.  In 2016 Market Share absorbed CMS Services, inheriting Lutron Electronics in the process.  Prior to Market Share, Craig worked at Magnolia Hi-Fi for 23 years – the last half as the GM at the Bellevue flagship store and Director of Sales in the Northwest. Craig’s experience in retail sales and management provides us a unique perspective. His enthusiasm, creative marketing and selling skills add value to our vendors and customers alike.

Mukilteo based, Craig is responsible for key account sales throughout the region, and all of Alaska.

Erik Wickstrom

Inside Sales / Technical Support

Erik’s primary function is sales and technical support for our Lutron sales team and dealers. Truth be told, his heightened technical and IT aptitude makes him our internal go-to for product questions across our vendor mix.  As dealers discover this giftedness, they are tapping the resource as well.  I guess we should anoint him our CTO one of these days.  (Actually his business card already reflects the title) 

Erik offices out of our Mukilteo Global HQ.

Teresa Gallo
Tony Leckband

Account Executive


With Market Share since 2004, Tony resides and offices in the Portland metro area.  Prior to Market Share, Tony worked in the Portland area for an AV retailer, distributor and as GM and Custom Manager for NW Sony Only.  Tony is a technical resource upon whom our staff and dealers depend.  His dealer partners recognize and reward Tony's work ethic, integrity, communication skills and solution-oriented approach.

Tony is responsible for retailers and integrators in Oregon and southern Idaho, and serves as our point-person for distribution.

Don Decock

Lutron Specifier

Don brings with him 36 years of electrical, AV, and construction experience from both the dealer and manufacturer sides. In 1994 he merged his low voltage company with an established electrical business.  From 2004 to 2014, Don served as a product trainer and account manager for a home automation manufacturer.  Recently, prior to moving to Idaho, Don headed Lander Electric’s AV side.   In short, from in-field installation and system design, to project management and programming – Don knows the integration world.  He’ll be sharing this expertise, and his love of Lutron, in ID, MT, and WY.

Bradley Swanson

Lutron Specifier


Bradley is our Lutron specifier. He has been in the AV and Electrical industry for over 17 years. With a degree in electrical theory, he has designed, project managed and implemented complex residential control systems all over the world. Bradley brings to the team a deep and longstanding background and passion in Lutron design, programming, installation and understanding. He has been working with Lutron systems since 2002 and is here to develop and grow our dealers, distributors relationships with Lutron. He will offer you support and understanding of the products, to confidently specify Lutron products and systems.

Matthew Silberstein

Account Executive

Matt has been involved in the retail, CI and distribution sides of the specialty A/V industry since 1992. His product knowledge, resourcefulness, awareness of the marketplace and emphasis on strong relationships has helped him to build strong relationships within the consumer electronics industry. Besides being a lifelong music lover, Matt understands the importance of working in the field, delivering superior customer support, product training and dealer development.

Matt offices from his South Sound home.  He is responsible for AV retail and integration firms in Washington and northern Idaho, as well as point-person for distribution.

Tami Face

Advisory Board Member

Special Projects Coordinator


Advisory Board Member


Fred founded CMS Services in 1992, focusing on the custom installation market.  CMS Services is especially proud of leading the Pacific NW residential lighting control category; including both natural light, via the Lutron window treatment products, as well as their market leading residential lighting controls. Fred is known for his integrity, responsiveness, product knowledge, and business acumen.  By merging his company into Market Share, Fred believes that our combined strengths will lead to an even higher level of customer service. Fred will over-see Market Share’s Lighting Control Division, as well as continue to lead sales efforts for James Loudspeakers in Washington, Alaska and N. Idaho.


Fred Stahlhut

Teresa retired June 1 of 2014, but continues to advise and influence Market Share as our COL (Chairman of Legacy).  More than a title, Teresa is committed consistent communication in an advisory role on long-range and impactful strategic decisions.  She is excited to attend our 50 year celebration in 2027.

In 2010 Teresa received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” by Women in CE for her contributions to our industry.

Tami is assuming the back office duties.  She also participates in special projects that support our sales initiatives, while expanding our Website capabilities as a dealer tool.



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